Toyota will start testing electric delivery trucks in Japan

Partnering with Yamato Transport Co. and Hino Motors, Toyota will begin trials this month of small electric delivery trucks in Yamato delivery operations.

The EV truck has a one-ton payload, and because of where the batteries are located, the truck has an ultra-low bed. The truck cargo space is equipped with compartments for delivering refrigerated and frozen goods. The electric trucks are completely powered by battery power, so it emits no emissions, and is extremely quiet making it perfect for very early (or very late) residential deliveries.

The trial program will last 1 year, and the 3 partners involved are using it to verify the practicality of using electric trucks in their operations.

The compact electric motor is located under the cab of the truck, and the truck is front wheel drive. That means the batteries are placed under the flat floor of the bed, and since there is no rear drive shaft or drive axle, the loading floor is about 18 inches lower than normal.

The trials will run in the Itabashi Ward and Machida City areas of Tokyo. Currently, 2 electric vehicle trucks are involved in the test.