BMW concept Active Tourer plug-in hybrid will be in Paris

We all know BMW is releasing another i3 concept in Paris, and that the i8 plug-in hybrid will be there also. Another plug-in hybrid that will be there is the BMW Concept Active Tourer. This is the first we’ve heard of this vehicle, and we aren’t sure if Concept is part of the name, or if that’s just to specify that it is a concept not a production vehicle. If Concept is part of the name, that could make for a confusing experience if and when the plug-in hybrid makes it to production.

The BMW Concept Active Tourer is being unveiled at the Paris Auto Show and features BMW’s ultra fuel efficient plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Concept Active Tourer will use a 1.5l turbocharged three cylinder engine coupled with a lithium ion battery pack. Total power output will be around 190 hp and the gasoline and electric motors working together will deliver around 147lb-ft of torque.

The Concept Active TourerĀ  claims 20 miles of pure electric driving range and a 0-62mph speed of under 8 seconds. BMW is estimating fuel economy at somewhere aroung 94 MPG (probably on the European test cycle) which still beats the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.

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