Mitsubishi teases new concept PHEVs to be revealed in Tokyo

We wrote about this almost a month ago and all we had was a mostly dark photo to show you. Now, Mitsubishi has released more photos of their upcoming 2 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that they will be unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

Mitsubishi Grand Cruiser PHEV

The Mitsubishi Concept Grand Cruiser PHEV is a full size SUV that has a high output plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system. The concept will have super all wheel control that delivers superior handling and stability as well as all-terrain capability. The Grand Cruiser PHEV concept is a connected car that has next-generation preventive safety technology and driver support technology.

The Mitsubishi Concept Xover Runner plug-in hybrid vehicle is a compact SUV that uses a lightweight and highly efficient PHEV system. The X-over Runner PHEV “offers nimble drivability and a body style resembling a sport coupe.”

2 Comments on "Mitsubishi teases new concept PHEVs to be revealed in Tokyo"

  1. This is so exciting. I hope we do not have to wait too long for these cars to come into production. I hope at least one of them is available as an EV. We need a hard top convertible by the way! Bring back an EV Eclipse Spyder model.

  2. Great to see an array of concept vehicles. However it would be nice to see a real PHEV SUV actually for sale in the US. 2013 then 2014 now we are looking at 2015 before the Outlander PHEV comes to the US. If sales continue to be strong in Japan and Europe one wonders if the Outlander PHEV will ever make it to the US.

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