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Audi A7 H-Tron Plug-in Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle unveiled at LA Auto Show

Just a concept for now: At the LA Auto Show, Audi unveiled the A7 plug-in hybrid fuel cell electric vehicle.The ‘h’ in h-tron stands quite obviously for hydrogen. By plugging this vehicle into an AC power supply, the 8.8 kWh batter pack can be charged up enough to provide around 31 miles of all-electric driving. […]

Electric Vehicle Industry Updates

  • Saleen has started delivering their Tesla FourSixteen to customers - their modified Tesla Model S has increased aerodynamics, increased cooling performance, and increased acceleration. Saleen also announced their 2015 model lineup that will include modifications to the P85D Model S chassis and is expected to bring the 0-60MPH time down to under 3 seconds! #
  • It's now confirmed - in an email to Tesla Model X reservation holders, Tesla outlined the drivetrain setup, and it will be identical to the Model S 85D. 376 hp motor power 188 hp front and rear 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty Supercharging included Obviously the Model X will be heavier, so I wouldn't expect quite the same performance or range. #
  • Volkswagen is condisering a 4 seater version of the XL1 plug-in hybrid, which would likely be called the XL2. Since a longer body means extra aerodynamic efficiency, even with the additional weight, Autocar suggests Volkswagen would be able to get near, if not the same, 310 mpg rating! If it does make it to production, we wonder if it will stay a limited production, or something that would be more widely available? #
  • 2016 Chevy Volt will have 5 seats after all - even though it wasn't supposed to be leaked yet, someone did. Turns out the 5th seat is small, and would be suited to a child as they have to sit on the 'hump' #
  • Tesla sends email to reservation holders with details on Model X - the all-wheel-drive system will use the Model S dual-motor setup. Also of note, is there comment that "anyone ordering the car today should not expect delivery until well into 2016." #
  • BMW i3 is sells first time in Mexico, and is the first vehicle to be sold to a private individual in Brazil. #
  • Tesla announces dual motor option for the Model S - it increases efficiency, increases range, provides AWD, and gives the Model S P85D a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds!! #
  • Recently, analysts at Goldman Sachs were allowed inside Tesla's factory, and following the visit, the analyst's announced that "a prototype of Tesla Motors next model, the Model X, will likely be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show." The show kicks off in January 17, 2015. Can Tesla unveil the production model in January and still fulfill its promise to deliver the Model X in Spring 2015? #

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