Mitsubishi partners with USC to test 12 i Electric Vehicles on smart grid

Mitsubishi i electric vehicle partnered with USC to test smart grid usage

Mitsubishi announced that it will support a smart grid demo project at the University of Southern California by providing the school with 12 Mitsubishi i MiEV electric vehicles.

The i-Miev electric vehicles will be used on campus and around the LA Basin as part of a 2 year study. Named the Smart Grid Living Laboratory Project, the Mitsubishi i vehicles will be part of the 2 yr study that will “work to further develop and improve virtually all phases of electric vehicle infrastructure.” They will be simulating a city of 55,000 people using both plug-in vehicles and other smart grid components.

The dean of the Viterbi School Of Engineering at USC called the 12 vehicles a “substantial electric vehicle fleet [that will offer] a useful pool of data for technical and behavioral research projects.”

Mitsubishi will also provide several Level 2 chargers to the project.