BYD e6 available in 2013

2013 BYD e6

The BYD e6 electric crossover was again on display at an Auto Show. Back in 2010, BYD said the e6 would be available in 2010 – which was changed to 2011, and then 2012, and then mid-2012. Now, 2013 is the new date. BYD USA president says the vehicle will be certified for sale before the end of the year, which would mean the BYD e6 may be available late 2012 as a 2013 model.

BYD has said that Hertz and other fleet operators will receive the BYD e6 electric crossover first, and then the e6 will be offered for sale to customers. BYD did mention something about waiting until the charging network being further developed. BYD doesn’t feel the charging network in the US has evolved to the point where the BYD e6 is practical for buyers yet.

BYD does have an American headquarters set up, and some dealers have had a chance to check out the e6.

The BYD e6 is supposed to have a 186-mile range, but details on how the electric crossover achieves such a lengthy range are scarce.