Toyota Mirai orders in the USA have reached 1900

Release Date: Jan 2015 in Japan, mid-2015 in California, late 2015 for 5 Northeastern States
MSRP: $57,500 before incentives
Battery Pack Size: 1.6 kWh
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According to a recent news release by Toyota USA, as of the end of September, the company has received 1900 order requests for the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell electric vehicle.

While the Toyota Mirai cannot literally fly, it is flying off the virtual shelf!

Interestingly, Toyota only intends to sell 1000 Mirai vehicles to the USA in 2016, so there could be some disappointed reservees. However, those 1900 requests didn’t require any deposit of any sort so it is a little difficult to say just how many of those will put up the money when it comes time to buy the Mirai.

The Toyota Mirai production is limited to 700 units this year split across Japan, Europe, and the USA. In 2016 that number increases to 2000 vehicles, and to 3000 vehicles in 2017. Toyota has not made any long term commitment to how many Mirai fuel cell vehicles it plans or hopes to produce and sell.


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  1. Congratulation for tour effort and research on fuel cell developement

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