Torq Roadster EV is world’s fastest 3 wheeled EV

The 2013 TORQ Roadster, built by Epic EVs, can go from 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds and offer over 1G of lateral acceleration. Thanks to a 400 hp electric motor and lightweight components, the TORQ Roadster offers street legal design and track inspired performance.

Epic EV Torq Roadster 3 wheeled vehicle“While seeking record breaking MPGe with the 3 Wheeled Aptera Electric Vehicle I often found myself longing for a more aggressive styled and track worthy adaptation. The TORQ will create a class of its own with its perfect balance of power, handling and aggressive styling,” said Chris Anthony, Epic EV’s founder and co-founder of Aptera, the World’s Most Efficient Commuter Vehicle. “The TORQ Roadster confirms that you don’t have to compromise performance to embrace efficient vehicle technologies.”

The TORQ Roadster will go on sale later this year for $65,000 US and €50,000 Europe. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in April 2013, and Epic EV will deliver the first unit to a customer at the April 6 launch event in North San Diego, California.


Epic EV plans to produce about 50 of the TORQ Roadsters this year, followed by a ‘substantial increase’ in 2014.

You can pre-order a 2013 TORQ Roadster with a fully refundable $10,000 deposit, or you can wait for the 2014 waiting list and reserve a spot on that with a $5,000 fully refundable deposit.

Epic EV will release full specifications and accessory pricing at the April 6th Ride and Drive launch event. This event is the first time where customers, dealers, and media will be able to experience the TORQ Roadster (does that mean rides?).

TORQ Roadster front view