Renault Twizy coming to Quebec, Canada

First showing up at the International Auto Show in Quebec, the Renault Twizy is now officially coming to Canada. Renault was looking for dealers, and has settle on the AZRA Network whichi s a charging station company that has over 600 charging stations in Quebec.

Official pricing will be announced later, but it’s expected to be around $17,000 before government incentives. You can sign up for the Twizy waiting list by emailing the sales team at Network Azra

If we are here today dear Montrealers for this event,
you can only thank Simon-Pierre Rioux, president of the AVEQ who
initiated paths between our two companies and resulted in a mark
confidence of this great manufacturing to a Québec company for
import this magnificent vehicle, an urban city like no
Manufacturing has been able to do until now.
– Jean-François Carrière, CEO AZRA Network
(translated from French by Google)

Renault will not be offering any gasoline vehicles, but plans on bringing the Kangoo EV Van to Canada as well. The current generation Zoe doesn’t meet side impact standards set by Transport Canada, but Zoe v2.0 under development is designed with European and North American requirements in mind.

No indication as to when or if the Twizy will be available country-wide, or if just in the province of Quebec.