Porsche Macan Plug-in Hybrid is planned…. again

Almost a year ago, news leaked out the Porsche was planning on integrating plug-in technology into it’s upcoming Macan SUV. Then late last year, and article from TopGear put the brakes on that idea. Porsche’s hybrid powertrain manager Manfred Schurman said the Cayenne S e-Hybrid package is too large to fit into the smaller Macan SUV, and went on to say “a decision has not yet been made about a hybrid version of the Macan.”

Now, an article on IndianAutosBlog.com states that Porsche will launch the Macan with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain in the next “1 or 2 years.” Porsche President and CEO Matthias Muller confirmed the fact at the Geneva Motor Show.

No other details were given on drivetrain or components, but the Macan is currently offered with 4- or 6-cylinder gasoline engines or a 6-cylinder diesel engine.

It’s likely the plug-in hybrid system will be very similar to those in the Panamera S e-Hybrid and Cayenne S e-Hybrid which uses a 6-cylinder supercharged gasoline engine paired with an electric motor and a 10.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.