Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid set to debut in 2014

The Porsche Cayenne is due for a face-lift in 2014, and though it will receive many styling modifications and technical updates, the most significant option will be the availability of a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that Porsche is calling the e-Hybrid.

The plug-in Cayenne e-Hybrid will feature a drivetrain very similar to the current Cayenne Hybrid. The Cayenne e-Hybrid will have an upgraded battery capacity, as well as a larger electric motor to allow the SUV to be driven at real-world speeds on just electric power without needing the V-6 engine.

Porsche is investigating using a driving mode called e-charge. The driver could select this mode when approaching the city, and the vehicle would charge the battery pack to full before reaching stop and go traffic. The lithum-ion battery pack capacity is around 10 kWh.

No engineer from Porsche was able to comment on how much 100% electric range the Cayenne e-Hybrid would have, but we can assume it will be over 15 miles.

Porsche is also planning a Panamera e-Hybrid but no details were given.