Once built in Tennessee, Nissan Leaf will cost less

Release Date: Currently available in most of the US and Canada
MSRP: $29,990
Battery Pack Size: 40 kWh
Electric Range: 150 miles
MPGe: 99 MPGe
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Automotive News recently reported that Nissan is planning on building a budget version of the Nissan Leaf once the new plant in Smyrna Tennessee is opened. The plant is scheduled to open in December, and the Nissan Leaf built there will be ready for sale in March of 2013. The entry-level Nissan Leaf will be part of the 2013 model year facelift and will likely not have some of the more expensive features like navigation and LED headlights.

Nissan has made no announcements or hints as to what the cost of the entry level Leaf will be, but some are speculating it could land in the high $20K range. Nissan is expecting sales of the Leaf to double once the Smyrna plant opens, so the price difference needs to be substantial.

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