Nissan Leaf’s most popular colors

Release Date: Currently available in most of the US and Canada
MSRP: $29,990
Battery Pack Size: 40 kWh
Electric Range: 150 miles
MPGe: 99 MPGe
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Just a few days ago we got news that Nissan had sold the 10,000th Nissan Leaf in the USA. Originally, Nissan had stated they had 26,000 reservations for the Nissan Leaf, which means there are still 16000 Leafs to be delivered. According to Mark Perry of Nissan, 800 were sold in January, another 800 are pre-sold for February, and about 2000 have been reserved by people who live in a state where the Nissan Leaf isn’t yet available. Nissan isn’t saying anything about the number of cancellations they’ve received, so the best guess is that there’s more than 12000 Nissan Leaf customers waiting for an electric vehicle. That will make 2012 a busy year for Nissan electric vehicles.

Since Nissan was so tight-lipped about numbers, they did release one stat as a sort of consolation: the percentage of pre-orders for the 2012 Nissan Leaf based on the colors ordered.

Brilliant Silver – 24%

Blue Ocean – 23%

Glacier Pearl – 21%

Cayenne Red – 19%

Super Black – 14%