Nissan is considering a re-badge of the Renault Zoe

According to a senior company source at Nissan, the automaker’s next electric vehicle is set to follow the Leaf 2.0 and will likely share technology with the Renault Zoe. In an article from AutoExpress, the Nissan source said Nissan will most likely choose a Fiesta-sized supermini or crossover to sell with the Nissan Leaf EV.

The LEAF has sold over 200,000 vehicles since 2010, and Nissan’s EV Program head of Europe said that a sports car is not a priority for the brand. A small EV would be the next safe step for Nissan to help recover some of the $4+ billion it spent on developing the LEAF and its electric vehicle program.

A small crossover could also be a relatively easy next step, since the EV platform under the LEAF is heavily based on the same B0 architecture that the Nissan Juke is built on – meaning the platform of the LEAF electric vehicle could easily support a taller ride height.

Image Credit: Rendering is from AutoExpress

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  1. The 80 mile class EV is obsolete. Too little too late

    • I think the next-gen Zoe was supposed to get a range boost, but of course I can’t find that data now…

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