Nissan e-NV200 testing expands to Singapore

In a partnership with FedEx, Nissan is conducting a ‘field testing program’ in Singapore. Previous tests have been in the UK and in Japan. Now Singapore will see at least one e-NV200 used for FedEx deliveries in urban areas of Singapore. If the tests are successful, the Nissan e-NV200 will later be used to transport international air cargo throughout Singapore.

After Singapore, the e-NV200 is headed to Brazil for more tests.

The e-NV200 electric van is scheduled to launch to the public in 2014. No dates, prices, or countries have been given yet, but it’s likely to start in Japan before heading to Europe and North America.

Since its powered by the Nissan Leaf powertrain, it’s fairly safe to assume the e-NV200 will have a 24 kWh battery pack and an 80 kW electric motor. Range will be less than the Leaf since the van is heavier and has more frontal area.

The e-NV200 will also be used in New York’s new taxi fleet.