Mitsubishi confirms the Outlander PHEV will only be coming in 2015

Release Date: January 2014
Battery Pack Size: 12 kWh
Electric Range: 37.4 miles (on Japan's test cycle)
MPGe: 157.6 MPGe (on Japan's test cycle)
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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV concept front view

Last week initial reports came out that said the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV would be delayed, and now it’s confirmed. InsideEVs spoke with a Mitsubishi representative yesterday, and they confirmed “the PHEV is expected to arrive in Calendar Year 2014 and the delay is indeed due to lack of battery supply…”

In fact, demand for the plug-in hybrid electric Outlander is so high that even with doubling production in September from 2000 units a month to 4000 units a month, Mitsubishi is still looking to increase production volumes.

edit: It looks like we knew the delay was confirmed in our last article, so let’s say now it’s officially official that there’s an official delay for the Outlander PHEV

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  1. Just gave the competition a year to catch up.

    Doubtful Toyota can provide ANYTHING at this price point.

    But, there’s a world of manufacturers that would DIE to have such demand.

    Put the new Accord drivetrain into the Odessey and it will rule the world.

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