MINI submits patent drawings of electric roadster

Last week, MINI announced they would be offering an electric vehicle ‘soon’. BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said that MINI was close to deciding whether or not to give the Superleggera Vision concept the green-light for production. Yesterday it was discovered that the company filed paperwork to patent a slightly modified version of the vehicle.

The revised MINI roadster is very similar to the original concept, but has a modified grill, modified mirrors, as well as necessary things like door handles.

It still has a rear fin, and the rear taillights do seem to maintain the Union Jack inspired look that carry over from the concept version of the vehicle.

Although we like to predict this could mean that BMW Group is moving ahead with this MINI Roadster, and that this could be the electric vehicle MINI will offer soon, patent drawings are not always a for-sure sign that production is inevitable.

This is what the concept version of the vehicle looked like: