Liberty Electric Cars says it will have a 1,000 mile EV for 2014

Liberty Electric Cars has announced the it will unveil an electric vehicle next year that will have an all electric range of as many as 1,000 miles. The UK based company says the production model debut will come in 2014.

There are no details as to whether this will be a converted Land Rover like Liberty’s current vehicle offering, or if it will be a new model. There is also no pricing information, but Liberty did say they plan to double their workforce from the current 40 employees by year-end.

Green Automotive Co., based in California, bought out Liberty Electric last year for about $17 million in Green Automotive stock. Liberty said around 5 years ago that it would invest $45 million to convert larger SUVs into electric vehicles that would sell between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

Back in 2010 Liberty Electric Cars debuted a converted Range Rover dubbed the E-Range that has an electric range of 200 miles and cost $250,000.

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