Japanese to disclose CHAdeMo quick charging technology standards

The Nekkei reported that the Japanese Government will broaden its disclosure of the CHAdeMo technology standards for electric vehicles. Its currently only known by a few automakers, but The Ministry of Economy is hoping sharing the technology will help promote the spread of electric vehicles and related industries.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry aims to accelerate the development of charging infrastructure, which is still not widespread. METI also hopes the effort will pave the way for lower EV prices by encouraging more competition.

Details of the CHAdeMo charging technology, developed by Nissan Motor Co. , Toyota Motor Corp. and others, will be made available at Thursday’s meeting of the Japanese industrial standards committee, an advisory panel to the industry minister. The standard is currently available to some automakers and power companies. Details to be disclosed about the technology include the shape of the plug that connects the car to the charger, and how to prevent electrocutions.