Jaguar working on 300 mile electric crossover for 2018

Jaguar plans to introduce an all-electric vehicle, and it will likely be based on the all-new 2016 F-Pace vehicle. The all-electric version will only arrive in 2018, or possibly even later.

Jaguar cites 2 reasons for creating a pure-electric vehicle – growing Zero Emission Legislation across North America, as well as rising demand for luxury electric vehicles proven by the Tesla Model S. The F-Pace based electric vehicle will go up against Tesla’s long-awaited Model X SUV.

Autocar had this to say: “Jaguar is working on a fully electric car, according to well-placed industry sources. Although still unconfirmed, it is thought that the new model will be based on the upcoming F-Pace SUV. It should have a typical range of around 300 miles.”

If an electric F-pace becomes a reality, there is a good chance Land Rover (part of the same company) will also have an all-electric luxury SUV offering.