Infiniti LE planned with better range for 2017

The last thing we heard from Infiniti in regards to the LE luxury electric vehicle was back in July 2013. That’s when Infiniti said the LE wasn’t cancelled, simply delayed in order to receive better, and not yet ready, technology.

This week, Automotive News posted an article discussing Infiniti’s future plans that start, at the soonest, in 2016. The plans include a number of critical new products, and buried in the details, is a comment on the postponed electric sedan.

The Infiniti LE was originally scheduled to launch in 2014, but is now being eyed for the 2017-2018 model year. The EV will share the same vehicle platform as the Nissan Leaf, but, of course, with a different body design.

Infiniti is planning a ‘next-generation battery range’ that is beyond the current 90-mile standard.

I guess that means we can start posting details on the Infiniti LE forum again!