Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle could be a big hit

Release Date: mid-2014
MSRP: $499/mo, $2,999 down, free fuel for 3 years
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At the Washington Auto Show this week, Hyundai took to the stage with it’s Tucson Fuel Cell electric vehicle CUV. Michael O’brien, the vice president of the corporate and product planning for Hyundai Motor America, announced that 88,000 people have visited the Tucson Fuel Cell’s microsite. Hyundai isn’t yet taking orders for the vehicle, and even O’Brien was surprised by the response.

The response surprised even us.

Hyundai is planning to start deliveries of the fuel cell vehicle in the US within the next 60 days, said O’Brien.

The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell EV will be available for a monthly lease of $499 over 36 months. That price includes Hyundai’s Valet Maintenance program, as well as free hydrogen refueling!

Already in production in other ares of the world as the ix35 Fuel Cell, the Tucson Fuel Cell has been driven over 2.4 million miles testing extreme heat, cold, and altitude.

We will be releasing a Tucson Fuel Cell forum in the next couple days, so if this is a vehicle that interests you, stay tuned!