Hyundai IONIQ specs released including range and battery size

Release Date: Early 2017
MSRP: £28,995 in UK, $29,500 in USA
Battery Pack Size: 28 kWh
Electric Range: 124 miles combined
MPGe: 136
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The Hyundai IONIQ was first unveiled in January 2016, and is set to be launched later this year to compete with the Toyota Prius. In order to do that, Hyundai says the IONIQ will be a hybrid mid-size hatchback that will have a plug-in hybrid option as well as a fully electric version.

Just recently, Hyundai has confirmed details on the IONIQ Electric. According to the automaker, the IONIQ EV will have a 28 kWh battery pack supplied by LG Chem. The battery pack is stored under the rear seat, so cargo space is not affected. Electric range will be around 105 miles on the USA EPA test, and is said to be nearly 155 miles on the European test scale. Top speed from the 117 horsepower electric motor is 93mph (150km/h)

As a comparison, the Kia Soul EV is rated at 92 miles, and the new 30 kWh Nissan Leaf has a 107 mile electric range.

Pricing for the Hyundai IONIQ Electric starts at 40 million won (around $32,500 USD) and the premium IONIQ ‘Q’ trim is 43 million won (around $34,800 USD).

Standard features include 16 inch wheels, LED turn signals and rear lights, projection headlights, aluminum hood and tailgate, and paddle shifter adjustable regenerative braking.

In the electronics department, the IONIQ EV comes with a 7-inch color LCD, body posture control, tire pressure warning system, rear parking assist system with rear-view camera, front heated seats, and heating/cooling from a heat pump. Not too bad for an ‘entry level’ electric vehicle.