Hyundai IONIQ Availability for the USA announced

Release Date: Early 2017
MSRP: £28,995 in UK, $29,500 in USA
Battery Pack Size: 28 kWh
Electric Range: 124 miles combined
MPGe: 136
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Yesterday, at the Washington Auto Show, in Washington D.C., Hyundai showed off the three different version of the IONIQ – the hybrid, the plug-in hybrid and the battery electric version of its upcoming vehicle.

As well as showing off the vehicles, Hyundai announced it will begin selling the gasoline-electric hybrid version and the IONIQ EV 2017 models by April 1, 2017. The Plug-in Hybrid IONIQ will follow by September 1. Previous to this announcement, Hyundai had just been saying ‘early 2017’ for the hybrid and EV, and ‘later in the year’ for the plug-in hybrid model.

Hyundai hopes the more energy efficient vehicles in its upcoming 2017 lineup will attract a new group of eco-friendly buyers to the brand.

2 Comments on "Hyundai IONIQ Availability for the USA announced"

  1. Michael Cerkowski | February 7, 2017 at 7:18 am |

    Is this Spring launch for the EV going to be California only, Ca and the other CARB states, or what…?

    • Not sure. Hyundai said (just yesterday) that U.S. sales of the Ioniq Hybrid and EV start next week, and specifically said Hyundai will take a “soft-launch” approach with the IONIQ Electric, with bigger marketing and more widespread distribution to get underway in March.

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