Honda Fit EV – first delivery in California

On Friday Honda delivered the first all-electric 2013 Honda Fit EV to a couple that lives in Southern California. The 2013 Honda Fit EV is the latest alternative-fuel vehicle from Honda. The Fit electric vehicle and is rated at 118MPGe making it the highest rated electric vehicle beating the previous leader, the Mitsubishi i, which is rated at 112MPGe.

Matt and Becky Walton, of Wentura Valifornia, took delivery of their 2012 Honda Fit EV on Friday at the Woodland Hills Honda Dealership north of LA. The couple was the first registrant to sign up for the lease of the Honda Fit EV and plan to use their electric vehicle as a daily commuter. The long time Honda fans have owned Honda since the 1970s, and plan to use their Honda Odyssey as a long-travel vehicle backup to the Fit EV.

Much to our disappointment, the Honda Fit EV is available on lease only with no buyout option at the end – which means that at the end of the lease, Honda will likely be crushing the cars similar to GM’s crushing of the EV1 back in the 90s. The Fit EV is only in key markets starting in California and Oregon, and expanding to the east coast markets in early 2013. The lease price for the Honda Fit EV is $389 per month (which would translate to an MSRP of $36,625). Customers can sign up for the lease at

The Honda Fit EV used just 29 KwH per 100 miles, and has been given an official range of 82 miles per charge.

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  1. Love the vehicle. Have seen it display 98 mile range (city speeds). A bit optimistic but certainly 80+ miles in the real world.

  2. This is a dream car!
    Freeway use in our reality (Southern California reality!?) is 60 to 70 miles for us. It will go 70+ miles on a charge but not at 75 MPH!

    Also interesting that my lease docs are dated June 21? And I know I wasn’t the first EV delivery… 😉

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