This summer we want to make the forums load faster for you, upgrade the software so they look and work great on your phone or tablet, and we want to add an email newsletter system to keep you up to date on EV news and popular threads on the forums.

All of these things cost money, which is why I'm asking you to donate
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Who Are You?

Hi, My name is Mike Szostak. I've spent many years on the internet contributing to forums based around my hobbies of flying and enjoying the wilderness outdoors.


That's me and my 2 oldest children trying to get a better view of the airplanes

Way back in 2009, I read of Nissan's announcement to offer an all-electric vehicle called the LEAF, and I immediately looked for an online community to discuss this first mass-produced electric vehicle. There was an Aptera community, but no LEAF specific forum, so I made the decision to start the My Nissan LEAF forum. As they say, the rest is history!

I now operate over 20 electric vehicle specific forums, as well as the and websites. With the help of many volunteer moderators, we do our best to provide a friendly, spam-free environment for you to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with other EV enthusiasts. And, considering we aren't backed by a large company like most other vehicle forums, I think we're doing a pretty good job...

Why do you need my money?

My main goal all along has been to expand the EV message far and wide by providing the best EV resources available anywhere online. This summer, we want to amplify that message. We want to give the forums a major overhaul. You will see:

  1. Faster Loading Sites The servers are starting to run into issues handling the forum traffic, and the sites slow down and are sometimes unresponsive.
    Technical: The servers currently have 2GB of RAM. We want to upgrade each server to 4GB of RAM, as well as increase storage and badndwidth allowances.

  2. New Look and Feel The current site design is a stock template from years ago - We'd like to send it to it's internet grave and use a new responsive design to help with mobile and tablet browsing.
    Technical: The forums use phpBB, and phpBB recently rolled out 3.1 so the forums all need to be upgraded. We also want to use a new responsive template - responsive means it 'responds' to different sized devices, so you'll be able to browse the forums on your phone or tablet without needing a magnifying glass.

  3. Regular Email News and Updates In order to keep forum members up to date, we want to start sending a periodic email newsletter with general EV news, as well as updates specific to your forum and your EV with stuff like the most popular threads and vehicle specific news.
    Technical: Work includes integrating a central mailing database with the forum software, as well as setting up an Amazon Mail Server

Aren't you already benefitting from all the free content I'm contributing?

There have been a few times in the past years where a forum member has demanded I do certain things and I've been told to "stop freeloading off of [them] and do [my] job by making this a nice place to visit and contribute". If one spam post makes the forum a place that isn't worth visiting, then I guess I've failed. To be honest, I do sell some advertising and make some money from it, but maintaing the forums take time, and paying for servers takes money. I'd love to be able to do this full time, but the income I make from the advertising is not nearly enough to quit my day job.

On the other hand, there are lots of forum members who realize the benefit the forums provide - members have saved hundreds of dollars after getting getting referred to a quality EV dealership instead of the local less-informed, less-experienced dealership. There's also plenty of discussions on getting the best range out of your EV, which saves you money on electricity costs. If you've saved money because of these forums, donate a portion of those savings to this fundraiser right now to say 'Thanks!'

What's in it for me?

For starters, the whole EV community benefits by getting:


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