Ford planning on 900 EV certified dealers by spring

Release Date: Available in initial markets, full rollout in 2013
MSRP: $39,995 US
Battery Pack Size: 23 kWh
Electric Range: 76 miles (EPA rated)
MPGe: 105 MPGe
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By this spring, 1 in every 3 Ford dealers in the US will be certified to sell plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford had 200 certified dealers last November, and will expand that number to 900 in the next few months. By then, Ford is expecting to be selling the Fusion Energi in addition to the C-max Energi and Focus Electric vehicles.

While Ford’s hybrid vehicle customer demand has grown, plug-in vehicle sales are down from a year ago. In January, Ford sold 81 Focus Electric compared to the 167 it sold in December.

Ford released a PDF showing this infograph of their planned schedule for EV certified dealers:

Ford Electric Vehicle certified dealers rollout plan