Ford Focus Energi could have 25 miles of range, $27,500

Release Date: Start of 2013
MSRP: SE Model $39,945, Titanium Model $40,995
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By now, you’ve heard the rumors that Ford may bring a 2015 Focus Energi plug-in hybrid to next year’s lineup. When the Focus Energi PHEV mention was first made, it was only stated that it would use the same 2.0 liter engine as the C-max Energi. wasn’t happy leaving at that, so they did some digging. In a recent article, Green Car Reports said they confirmed that Ford has been talking to fleet managers and others about the potential new Focus Energi model. That same source also said that Ford company reps had been quoting an electric range of 25 miles, which is 4 miles more than the 21 electric miles that the C-max Energi and Fusion Energi vehicles are rated at.

Further, the Focus Energi price is around $27,500. However, that could be a fleet price, with the actual retail price ending up a few thousand dollars higher than that.

The Focus Energi would fall inbetween the gasoline powered Focus that can range from $16,810 to $23,575, and lower than the $35,170 Ford Focus Electric.

GreenCarReports expects the Ford Focus Energi to be a hatchback model as it appears the vehicle will be sold in Europe as well as North America, and they really love hatchbacks over there!