Ford C-max Energi receives range ratings

Release Date: October 2012 - Now Available!
MSRP: $32,950
Battery Pack Size: 7.6 kWh
Electric Range: 21 miles (EPA rated)
MPGe: 100 MPGe
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Map showing what cities you can drive to in the C-max Energi on 1 tank of gas

Just yesterday we talked about the EPA fuel economy ratings for the 2013 Ford C-max Energi. Today, Ford released the official range ratings for the C-max Energi.

The 2013 Ford C-max Energi has a 7.6 kWh lithium ion battery pack that drives an electric motor. Combined with a 141 hp 4 cylinder Atkinson cycle engine, the C-max Energi can keep driving even once the battery pack has been depleted. According to the EPA, a fully charged C-max Energi can drive 21 miles on pure electric power. Combined with the range of the gasoline motor, the Ford C-max Energi has a total range of 620 miles – that’s where Ford’s map comes in. They’ve released this marketing image to help illustrate that you could drive all the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas, or from Detroit to New York on one tank of fuel in the C-max Energi.

Throughout the press releases and media buildup for the C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi, Ford has been relentless at blatantly stating how the C-max beats the Prius in all aspects. With official range ratings, again Ford has reminded us that the Prius Plug-in has an 11 mile all electric range and a total range of 540 miles. The Chevy Volt manages 38 all electric miles with a total of 380 miles.

“We expect many C-Max Energi customers will commute largely on electricity, yet will still have the range, space and flexibility to take a long road trip without stopping every few hours,” Ford C-Max chief engineer John Davis said in a statement.

The 2013 Ford C-max Energi is priced from $33,745 after destination charges. Ford is initially releasing the C-max Energi in 19 markets, similar to the way they first rolled out the Ford Focus Electric.