Fisker Karma – 2000 built already?

Fisker Karma EV

Each month, car companies release their sales reports -that is most car companies release reports. Among electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla and Fisker do not announce their vehicles sales. That leads to much speculation about the number of vehicles the company has actually sold and whether or not the companies will survive and live another year.

Green Car Reports has been hounding for Fisker for quite some time to release numbers of the Karma electric vehicle that have been sold – to no avail. Earlier this week Green Car Reports saw a Fisker Karma in the while with a VIN that ended in 001992. There’s a very good chance that Fisker is using sequential vins on their vehicles, which would make that Karma number 1992 off of the assembly line. Then, on August 14th, Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz happened to mention about 1900 Karmas have been built so far.

There is no way to know how many Fisker Karma EVs have been sold, but at least we know their production numbers.