Fiat 500e ‘Sold Out’

Release Date: July 2013
MSRP: $32,500
Battery Pack Size: 24 KWh
Electric Range: 87
MPGe: 116 MPGe
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When the Fiat 500e becomes available next month it will only be available for retail in California. According to Jason Stoicevich, president and CEO of the Fiat brand in North America, however, order for the 500e have already reached full capacity. “We’re pretty much sold out for the year,” he said.

Stoicevich took over CEO position of Fiat 2 months ago when the previous CEO moved over to the Dodge brand. “It’s a huge market, import-dominated,” he said speaking about the automobile market in California which accounts for around 20% of US car sales. 28 dealers around the state of California handle sales for the Fiat 500e.

The Fiat 500e powertrain was developed by Chrysler’s Auburn Hills, MI headquarters, and is assembled in Mexico.

“The electric-car market is alive and well in California,” Stoicevich says.

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  1. They do have cars available as of Sep-12, 2013. I walked into the dealership and got one that’s currently in transit – I picked the orange with white seats. Two others (dk gray and silver) are also available and not yet sold…

  2. marianleona0217 | June 25, 2014 at 7:00 am |

    I am aware with information regarding the Fiat brand because of this i am a 2o year old user. It’s selling growth in the market is fast as compare to other automotive brand. Really it is a awesome car………

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