FIA Formula E Championship will use Michelin Energy-Efficient Tires

The Formula E Championship racing series has made Michelin its Official Tyre Partner. Formula E requires that the tires used be all-weather, and all-temperature to both keep costs down and to promote sustainability (as opposed to separate slicks or wet-weather tires like used in Formula 1).

Michelin Motorsport director Pascal Couasnon said the tires were designed to be “both energy-efficient and more like road tires” and said the FIA Formula E Championship will “serve as a life-size laboratory” to help Michelin prepare energy efficient tires for the future.

Formula E also limits the sets of tires allowed per race to 6 total and those are for free practice, qualifying, and the race itself, where in other racing dozens of sets of tires are used.

Of other interest is that the wheel size will be 18 inch and the tires will be low profile, versus the 13 inch sized wheels and high profile tires used in Formula 1 Racing.