EPA rates Tesla Model S at 89 MPGe with 265-mile range

The EPA has finished testing the 2012 Tesla Model S, and it’s numbers are impressive. The Tesla Model S gets 89 MPGe combined (88 MPGe in the city and 90 MPGe on the highway). The range of the Tesla Model S has been declared at 265 miles per charge, which beats the Tesla Roadster by 20 miles.

89 MPGe isn’t the best, but considering the size of the vehicle it isn’t too shabby either. The Mitsubishi i is the highest rated at 112 MPGe, the Ford Focus Electric is rated 105 MPGe and the Nissan Leaf is rated at 99 MPGe.

The range is more than double the EPA ranges of any of the existing electric vehicles available from other manufacturers, although Coda claims 150 mile range with their Coda Sedan.

Keep in mind the Model S tested was the top of the line version with the 85kWh battery pack that starts at $69,900.