Cost comparison of Electric Vehicle to Gasoline powered over 50 years

Thanks to, here’s an interesting graphic that compares the cost of owning a gasoline powered car vs an electric vehicle that uses solar panels on your house roof to charge the vehicle.

Over 50 years, a gasoline car will cost $275,000 to operate – assuming 12,000 miles per year and a 20 MPG vehicle – not really the fairest comparison as most moderately economical vehicles are pushing 30 MPG. The calculation also considers fuel costs increasing by 3.5% per year.

The electric vehicle is powered purely by a 2KW solar panel, also not the most realistic since most areas of the country don’t receive enough sunshine year round to power the solar system year round. Assuming you can live off of purely solar generated electricity, the cost of fuel over 50 years is the $8000 purchase of the 2Kw solar PV system, plus another 2 replacement inverters for a total cost of $12000. Our favorite part of the comparison? The annual 3.5% increase, which has a foot note on the electric vehicle side stating ‘no annual increase in the cost of sunshine’!