Coda abandons plans to build battery facility in Ohio

Coda Sedan charge port

Columbus Ohio will miss out on more than 1000 manufacturing jobs due to the cancellation of plans for Coda Automotive to build a car battery factory there. Coda Automotive announced the plans for the manufacturing plant almost two years ago and later applied for a government loan for more than $500 million to help pay for the construction. Since then, Coda Automotive has been waiting for the Department of Energy to act on the loan application (sounds like the same issue Fisker was having).

Coda admitted that as the company evolves and grows, it “constantly needs to re-evaluate its business plans to support its upwards trajectory,” said Coda’s senior vice president. “Coda remains committed to job creation…”

Earlier this month Coda began selling it’s debut Coda Sedan Electric to customers in California. The Coda Sedan components are built in China and the vehicle’s final assembly takes place in California.