Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid priced from $41,995

Release Date: 2017
MSRP: $41,995
Battery Pack Size: 16 kWh
Electric Range: 33 miles
MPGe: 84
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At the LA Auto Show, Chrysler has finally announced the pricing on its long-awaited plug-in hybrid minivan.

The Pacifica Hybrid starts at $41,995 in Premium Trim with a destination charge of $1,095. After the $7500 USA Federal tax credit, it effectively brings the price down to $34,495! The Platinum version starts at $3,000 more than the Premium.

That pricing puts the Pacifica Hybrid PHEV in line with the mid-grade gasoline powered Pacifica which is only $5,900 more than the most basic gasoline version. Not too bad for a 30 mile electric range that averages the gasoline consumption out to 80 MPGe!

In Canada, the price is $56,495 CAD and after provincial incentives, the cost comes down to $42,494 CAD in Ontario, and $48,250 in BC and Quebec.

Chrysler says the Pacifica Hybrid can operate in EV-only mode up to 70 mph, but there is no specific EV mode so the van does the choosing as whether or not to fire the engine.

With a 16kWh battery pack that gives 30 miles of EV range, it adds 650 lbs to the overall vehicle weight and makes the 2nd row stown-go a no-go because the battery is in that space.

Production is slated to start at Fiat Chrysler Automotive’s Windsor Ontario assembly plant on Monday, November 28th.

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