Chevy Spark EV will be sold in Europe too

Release Date: Early 2013
MSRP: $32,500
Battery Pack Size: 20 kWh
Electric Range: 82 miles (EPA rated)
MPGe: 119 MPGe
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Chevrolet Europe announced yesterday that Europe would get to see the Chevy Spark EV for the first time at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe says “The Spark EV is a fun-to-drive zero-emission city car with intelligent connectivity. We believe it will resonate particularly well in some of Europe’s most technologically advanced markets.” Docherty went on to say that like the Volt, the SPark EV is proof for “Chevrolet’s ingenuity in delivering smart mobility solutions.”

With over 500 Nm (400 pound feet) of torque, the Spark EV is a small car with “enjoyable” driving dynamics. The electric motor is rated at 130 hp and get the electric vehicle from 0-100km/hr in around 8.5 seconds.

The 20 kWh battery pack operates with an active liquid cooling and heating system that allows the Spark EV to achieve an electric range that is expected to be among the best in its class (no official ratings have been released yet).

DC fast charging will allow the Chevy Spark EV to charge up to 80% capacity in 20 minutes, and Chevy says the battery system can handle multiple DC fast charges daily with no ill-effects.

Another interesting tidbet from the press release was that the Chevy SPark EV will be sold in select European markets as of 2014. No pricing has been released for the European Spark EV, but the US price is set at  $32,500 MSRP.

Check the Chevy Spark EV Forum for up to date news.

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