Charge Your Electric Vehicle Wirelessly

At Plug In 2011, Evatran announced that they were producing a system to allow you to charge your electric vehicle wirelessly. A powered pod is placed on your garage floor and you simply park your electric vehicle over it, and the vehicle charges.

Since this technology is still expensive and requires more testing, Evatran, who is the company behind the Plugless Power brand of wireless recharging units, has decided to offer the first 500 people to sign up for its service 6 months of free electricity. It’s actually a $150 rebate the customer will receive at the end of the 6 month period, but it’s still something! The rebate will allow Evatran to better understand its focus areas for product rollout, probably by asking questions and gathering data about those 500 first people.

Last time Evatran made an announcement, they had expected to have 20 to 30 people using the system starting in January 2012.

The largest hurdle to overcome is the few thousand dollars it costs to retrofit your electric vehicle so that it can ‘receive’ the wireless charging sent by the pod to the car.

The wireless charging system continues to evolve – the new proximity model has no moving parts, and the car doesn’t need to be perfectly centered. It can be a half disc off of the pod and still receive a charge. Overall efficiency of the wireless recharging system is about 90-91 percent.