Cadillac ELR is priced over $75,000

Release Date: Early 2014
MSRP: unkown
Battery Pack Size: 15.6 kWh
Electric Range: estimated 35 miles
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Today GM announced the base Cadillac ELR will be priced at $75,995. After the $7500 tax credit in the US, that brings the price down to somewhere around $67,500.

Cadillac is also accepting reservations for the ELR.

Original estimates from around the internet put the Cadillac ELR at around $50-$60 thousand, with wishful thinking at $45,000 after the tax credits. Cadillac is so sure that, although it shares the drivetrain of the Chevy Volt, this limited production vehicle will be in high demand and people will be lining up to pay this price.

General Motors says “Designed for a new generation of technology-driven luxury buyers, the 2014 ELR has a starting price of $75,995, including a $995 destination charge but excluding tax, title, license and dealer fees. Upon IRS certification of an anticipated federal tax credit, purchasers may be eligible for a tax credit from $0 to $7,500 depending on individual tax liability. ┬áNet pricing after tax credits could be as low as $68,495, including $995 destination.”

The Cadillac ELR is rated at 207 horsepower and weighs around 4000 pounds. It uses the same 1.4 liter range-extending gasoline engine as the Volt. The 16.5 kWh battery pack is also shared with the Volt, and gives the ELR an all-electric range of around 35 miles.

Sales are scheduled to start in January 2014.

Initial sales of the 2014 Cadillac ELR electrified luxury coupe will begin in January in all major U.S. metropolitan areas featuring provocative design and extended range electric vehicle technology.

4 Comments on "Cadillac ELR is priced over $75,000"

  1. Was waiting for the pricing. Now I’m waiting for the punch line to this joke.

    Ordering the Tesla S Monday.

    • I think there are many disappointed people out there that were waiting for the ELR pricing. I wonder who GM thinks will buy at this price – they’re betting big on the range extender being their advantage over Tesla, and I guess technically the 2 are not even in the same class/market segment.

  2. Bruce C Boatwright | October 17, 2013 at 12:28 am |

    Count me out.

  3. I have been waiting for this car for over a year. When they announced the pricing I was very disappointed. This is no more than a upgraded Volt so I was expecting the price in the 55K range.

    This made me look long and hard at the other options out there. The Volt is too plain and I am in the market for a luxury car. Leaf…no thanks.

    Long and the short of it I bought a Tesla and take delivery of it December 26.

    I don’t what to sound bitter but what was GM thinking? I saw on another area they will sell 2000 of these per year. Tesla’s are selling 18000 a year at almost 1/3 more in price after “options”.

    Pricing is huge in this market. Another GM blunder.

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