Cadillac ELR does winter

Release Date: Early 2014
MSRP: unkown
Battery Pack Size: 15.6 kWh
Electric Range: estimated 35 miles
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Now that Cadillac as unveiled the production version of the ELR, they need to make sure all of the ELR’s systems are fine tuned and ready for mass-production. Cadillac engineers took the ELR plug-in hybrid to Michigan for some cold weather, extreme driving testing.

GM’s goal is to bring the Cadillac ELR to market in early 2014. Cheif Engineer Chris Thomason and the engineering team were testing 4 systems – ABS, traction control, continuous dampening control suspension and electronic stability control.

Joshua Auden, Cadillac ELR vehicle performance engineer, said despite all the snow and ice, tire performance, stopping distance and brake performance are excellent. Cadillac has worked hard to strike a balance between a safe and stable car and one that is fun to drive in all situations.

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  1. For those of who consider HEV vehicles for economical purposes and most importantly extended amounts of travelel. Will Cadillac ELR consumers benefit from a shorter charging window?

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