BMW X5 eDrive PHEV could be here sooner than expected

The BMW X5 eDrive was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. Later that month, BMW said it was about to start production of the plug-in hybrid X5 SUV., using a presentation that BMW executive Peter Wolf made at the official X5 launch, reported that BMW was “close to” production of the PHEV.

Recently, however, CarPix caught some spy photos of several X5 prototypes driving around the streets of Germany. On the side of the vehicles were labels marking them as ‘Hybrid Test Vehicle[s]’. According to CarPix, they “wouldn’t be surprised if it hits the market in late 2014.”

Labeled as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the plug-in hybrid X5 had a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine and a 95 hp electric motor. Electric range is stated as 19 miles with a top electric-only speed of 75 mph. 0-62 mph acceleration is under 7 seconds according to BMW. Three drive modes are offered: one that automatically operates the hybrid system, an all-electric mode and a Save Battery mode that operates the vehicle using the engine only.

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