BMW unveils Mini Electric modified classic Mini

Perhaps another foreshadowing of the Electric Mini that is still coming, BMW unveiled a Mini classic it converted to electric drive. Along with the images, BMW says that the classic Mini Electric is the “result of an imaginary journey through time, where the story of the classic model is extended by a consecutive chapter.” To us, that’s a whole lot of words about nothing. The disappointing part is that there’s no mention of the new production version of the Mini EV – yes, this retro EV looks sweet, but we can only live so long on pretty pictures. It’s time for the real EV deal!

Officially, the electric version of the Mini Cooper is coming relatively soon. First introduced as a concept back during the limited run in 2009, it’s been a long time coming. The official UK website for the Mini Electric assures us it’s coming, but they’re taking their time “tinkering, toying and perfecting our electric offering -making sure our legendary handling and iconic design stays the way you love it.” Then, in the classic bait and switch, they tell you if you want to add electricity today, just get a Mini Countryman PHEV…

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