BMW schedules 3 Series eDrive plug-in hybrid for early 2016

In a recent press release from BMW, the automaker outlined it’s plans for a BMW 3 Series e-drive plug-in hybrid vehicle that will launch in early 2016.

The vehicle will use the similar technology to the X5 eDrive.

Power comes from a 4 cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine from BMW’s Efficient Dynamics engine family. Combined with an electric motor, the 3-series plug-in hybrid offers “sporty performance on a par with a conventionally powered 3 Series six-cylinder model.” The plug-in hybrid drive system has an output of around 245 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

Average fuel consumption is approximately 2 liters/100 km.

Top speed in all-electric mode is 74.5 mph and all-electric range is around 22 miles.

BMW 3 series eDrive system layout