Rumors put the BMW i3 Price at $34,500

Release Date: 2013
MSRP: $43,000 - $50,000 US
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Autoblog was in Germany at the first early pre-production drives for the highly anticipated BMW i3 electric vehicle. Autoblog says that at that event, BMW finally hinted at a ballpark price.

BMW assured Autoblog that the base price in Europe will lbe just over 35,000 euro with some “big taxes” included in that price. In the US, the starting price for the i3 should be around $34,500. BMW also said the range extending 2 cylinder 600cc engine will add only $2,000 US to the price, rather than the $4,000 previously announced.

It is unclear whether or not the $34,500 price includes the $7500 tax credit or not. In a comment from Autoblog, they say “the US is seen as the clear number one market for the i3.” If the $34,500 is after the tax credit (which puts before tax credit price at $42,000), the i3 may not be priced competitively enough compared to other electric vehicles currently available. Some comments on the i3 forum say that BMW can command a price premium because of its brand following, but will that carry over to the EV market?

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  1. If 35,000 euros includes a 20% Vat (the current UK rate), it would be 28,000 euros without tax, or about $36,000 USD. It seems that $34,500 is more likely than $42,000.

    Finger crossed. 🙂

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