Audi says A1 e-tron and A2 e-tron will not make it to production

Last September, Audi debuts the A2 E-tron electric vehicle at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. Although Audi never promised the A2 or even the A1 e-tron vehicles, we had thought it was a sure thing since BMW is moving ahead strongly with it’s i3 electric vehicle. However, according to Car Magazine from the UK, Audi has announced that it will not be going ahead with the A1 and A2. The reason? Audi thought the price would end up around 40,000 euros which was just too high even for the small luxury EV segment. BMW has been saying that the i3 would be under $20,000 US so Audi’s offerings wouldn’t even compete.

No mention was made of the A3 and A4 e-tron vehicles, so we can only assume that those are still being developed and tested.