2015 Volkswagen e-Golf makes US debut at LA Auto Show

Release Date: Spring 2014 in Europe, Late 2014 in North America
MSRP: $35,445 in US, £25,845 in UK, €34,900 in Europe
Battery Pack Size: 24.2 kWh
Electric Range: 118 miles NEDC
MPGe: 116
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It’s official – the Volkswagen e-Golf has made its US debut at the 2013 LA Auto Show. However, Volkswagen didn’t reveal any new details, they just restated all the info we learned in the pre-auto show press release. We were hoping to get some pricing info from Volkswagen!

Here’s what we do know. With a 24.2 kWh battery pack, the e-Golf has a range of somewhere around 80 miles – VW says it has a range of 118 miles on the more lenient NEDC test, so 80 is an untested estimate. Charging time is around 13 hours on a standard socket, or 4 hours with an optional wall-box charger.

The electric motor in the Golf is rated at 114 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque which can accelerate the electric vehicle to 62 mph in 10.4 seconds.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is set to go on sale in the US in select states in the 4th quarter of 2014. Europe will get it first sometime in Spring 2014.

We’re starting up a Volkswagen e-Golf forum to handle all the questions and conversations the e-Golf will inspire.