2012 Coda Sedan Crash Tested

Frontal crash test of Coda Sedan by NHTSA earned 2 stars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has finished crash testing the 2012 Coda Sedan, and the results were mixed. Several of the tests earned 5 stars, while others were as low as 2 stars.

NHTSA issued a recall for the 2012 Coda Sedan over its side and window airbags, so the test results actually list 2 different versions test. The post-recall sedan was the one tested and rated in every category.

The Coda Sedan earned 5 star rating in the side crash and rollover tests, and would have earned a 5 star overall rating, but a 2 star frontal impact test kept it from getting top scores. The driver (a male test dummy) received a 2 star rating, while the passenger (a female test dummy) received a 4 star rating.

Here are some videos from the NHTSA of the crash testing:

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