Over 300 Fisker Karma electric vehicles lost in Port Newark

FIsker Karma electric vehicles at Port Newark destroyed by Superstorm Sandy

Initially, there was some emotion about reports of 16 Fisker Karma electric vehicles catching on fire and burning at Port Newark during Superstorm Sandy. It turns out that wasn’t the worst news. Fisker has said that over 300 Karmas were flooded and destroyed – that’s over $30 million worth of brand new electric vehicles.

Reuters is reporting that the shipment of Fisker Karma vehicles was insured. Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher says Fisker expects no impact from a business or a financial point of view. Ormisher also said Fisker will be able to meet US demand for the Karma despite losing the 300 vehicles.

As for the fire, it started in one car and spread to nearby vehicles. Fisker has issued a statement saying the lithium ion battery pack was not the cause of the fire. It was a low-voltage Vehicle Control Unit that is found in many types of vehicles, not just 100% electric vehicles. The Fisker Karma electric vehicles were submerged under 5 to 8 feet of saltwater for several hours.

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