Hyundai commits to launch first electric vehicle in 2016

Hyundai Motors has announced it will release it’s first all-electric vehicle in 2016. A contract with LG Chem will have them supplying batteries for the new mid-size sedan until at least 2018.

“Hyundai’s first pure EV will be a mid-sized sedan. Equipped with improved batteries, enhanced system management and lighter materials, the upcoming model will weigh about 30 percent less than existing hybrid EVs,” said an official from Hyundai.

Although Hyundai didn’t announce whether the electric vehicle would be an all-new model, or an electric conversion of an existing sedan, it could be an Elantra Electric. Back in 2012, Hyundai debuted an Elantra Electric concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

Albert Beirmann, who was the former Executive VP for BMW, will head up Hyundai’s electric vehicles.

Hyundai said they are ready to launch EVs in 2016, and looks to electric vehicles to help strengthen its portfolio ahead of international competitors. Hyundai also plans to expand its plug-in hyrid electric vehicle models to 12 vehicles by 2020.