GM to make 200 mile Chevrolet EV

Release Date: late 2016
MSRP: $37,495 in the USA
Battery Pack Size: 66 kWh
Electric Range: 259 miles
MPGe: 119
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Earlier this week, at an investors meeting, General Motors’ global product chief Mark Reuss confirmed that GM will make a Chevrolet electric vehicle. Reuss also confirmed that this EV will be different than the Volt and the ELR, in that it will not be an extended range electric hybrid, but a full battery-only electric vehicle.

Investors apparently even got a sneak peek at the vehicles, but they were told not to take pictures with their phones, and the media were only allowed to listen to an audio feed and not see anything happening at the meeting.

GM has not provided details as to the timing or the name of the 100% electric vehicle.

Recently, GM executives have said they are pursuing a near $30,000 electric vehicle with a 200 mile range which is likely the vehicle GM showed to the investors. Many are guessing it will be larger than the current Chevy Spark EV, and could be an electric version of the popular mid-size Sonic sedan.

Others speculate that it will be a new model, using the same platform as the Chevy Sonic, but will make the vehicle feel more like a $30,000 vehicle than the $15,000 standard Sonic (similar to the Volt that is built on the Chevy Cruze platform).

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